Inspired by Love is a brand that celebrates the power of love and believes in it's magnificent ability to bring out the best in each and every person and relationship! We love all kinds of love and believe that love should be fun, full of joy, light, beautiful, inspiring and simple!  

Our hope is to inspire you to love and believe in yourself more than ever before, and to help you build and grow love in your relationships, through inspiring stories, beautiful images, motivation, creative products and beautiful events.


NHLAKS zondi

Love inspires all that I do! In my relationships with myself, my work and with others that I share this beautiful world with, I try to put love first. By love I mean passion, thought, empathy, excitement, belief in myself and others, honesty, curiosity, attention, positivity and joy. 

I love life and I love to smile! Through good and tricky times, I do my best to smile and stay positive because I believe that all of it, every experience, is ultimately for our good. This life is a beautiful journey to be enjoyed and cherished, and I am grateful to that I can experience it! 


Gladys m Semenya 

Who is Gladys you ask 😀.

Well I love fashion, a huge cake fanatic and an avid book reader. I'm a foodie, travel blogger, and I can talk myself out of any situation. I have a deep passion for life and exploring it to its fullest and to share that passion with the world. 

So what is love to Gladys?

Love is when I smile, when I can truly be myself, no frills, no lies, no make up and still see myself like I am the most beautiful person ever. Love is things that make me laugh, even at myself! Hope you are ready for an epic journey into my world.