Inspired By Love

The Positives of Being Single

Just like everyone else, I too seek the wonderful experience of finding love and connection. But truth be told, the journey to finding that romantic love connection has not been easy. Due to this, last week I found myself wondering "If I don’t find a partner with whom I can deeply connect, does that mean I have to live a lonely life? Does it mean I'll never really experience the love and connection that gives life meaning?"


It doesn't! Because romantic relationships are not what life's all about. But do I want to meet that special someone? Absolutely. Would it be great if he could hurry up and get here already? Oh Yes please! Let's face it: I'm also human. I also want someone to love and someone to share in this messy, beautiful journey called - my life.

But right now I’m single and I have to make the most out of it. Which leads me to analyzing what positives have come from me being single? Just to mention a few, the first thing that came to mind was  that I have more time to focus on my personal and professional development and to focus on my spiritual path. It also means. Ihave the freedom to do what I want when I want—without regard for another person's opinion, schedule or preferences. It means I get to be selfish about whom and what i occupy my time with.


So, when Mr. Right finally does come along, I would have had enough time to develop Gladys into the best version of myself. To all the beautiful, incredible, oh-so-lovable single girls out there, never forget that your goal is to live your best life, so that even if the "right" one doesn't come along, your journey will still be epic.