Inspired By Love

Quick Note: Stop Hating On "Slay Queens" 


First and foremost, she is a person too! When you want to talk with you friends, family or partner about how so and so is a Slay Queen and how fake she looks on Instagram or Facebook, stop, wait, and consider if you would say this to their face. Would you sit one of these so-called Slay Queens down and tell them to their face, all the things you are about to rant about them? From my experience, I 100% would never and I don’t think you should either. 

Those so-called Slay Queens have feelings. She has a reason why she looks and acts the way she does. She is worthy and certainly undeserving of our judgment and hate simply because she choses to wear a full face make-up, drink champion and put on that sexy dress.

As long as the women in question aren’t doing anything illegal or scamming people, then it means that their only crime is physically looking and behaving in a way you don’t personally like or living a lifestyle you don't see yourself living and taking photos in exotic locations. And the honest truth is that you have the right to live your life in your own terms and so does she. 

It is SO easy to be negative and annoyed because certain women aren’t represented online or on TV. And I agree that It is a big problem! But don’t talk negatively about the women who are succeeding in their own way. We should have their back. We should support them in their lifestyle even if it isn’t what we personally see for ourselves. And most importantly, we should remember that they are people with feelings and thoughts and hopes and dreams too. And don't get me wrong, Im not saying you can never vent your frustrations about the world or social media, but check yourself and make sure they don’t tear down your fellow woman first.