Inspired By Love

Implementing self-care: Put yourself first

Most people will tell you that putting yourself first is selfish. You may even believe this to be true. I am not saying ignore others and think only of yourself because that is selfish… What I am saying is that you need to give your own desires and goals priority sometimes or you will not be able to move forward as a person. 

There is nothing selfish about trying to be the best version of yourself, to treat yourself with kindness and compassion the way you treat others, or to try and give your best contribution to the world and those you come into daily contact with.

 Here are some of the benefits of putting yourself first?

- You will be better able to help others – because you will be at your best, both mentally and physically
- Others will take you more seriously
- You will feel less stressed
- You will have more control
- Your self esteem will improve