Inspired By Love

I've Stopped Looking For Love


So let’s talk about that amazing thing called love. That thing we emotionally and physically NEED.  

Love is beautiful, pure and one of those life-changing emotion. It has the power to make us happy, feel special and gives us the support to follow our dreams, or conquer our fears and helps us become our best selves. But as one of those self proclaimed hopeless romantics at heart, I recently found myself exhausted from chasing after love.

The thing is, It's very human of us to believe that there’s someone out there who you will fall in love with and everything will be perfect. Like a soul mate. Someone who can love you unconditionally. And these were the thoughts I was obsessing about, so much that they were starting to affect my thinking, actions and emotions. I found myself looking for that great love in every guy felt attracted.


So, just a couple of weeks back, I decided to take a different approach to love, I’ve decided to stop looking for love and just let it find me.

I’ve been in such a hurry to find love, which lead to me lowering some of my standards just because there was this hot guy who was willing and was available to go on a date. But after a couple of bad dates, I had to take a step back and ask myself “is this the type of person I really want?” Or wouldn’t it be better if I take some time off the online dating world and prepare myself for someone who is truly deserving of my love and time?

I’ve learned from other parts of my life that opportunities will always come when we least expect them, and this could be true with regards to love. Maybe as soon as I stop looking for it, it will reveal itself.


Russell Simmons said recently on twitter “Not chasing something is actually the quickest way to get it.”

What he said goes contrary to what I’ve been reading on the cover of the latest women's magazine, that finding love require that I join Tinder, change my wardrobe or get a new hairstyle. But I’m starting to see that it’s about making powerful mental shifts that will open up my heart to fully receive the love that I deserve.

So, the way forward is that I’ll actively stop seeking out romance or searching for my “other half”. But I’ll find love by learning to love me better. Spend time doing yoga, meditating, and cultivating my self-esteem. All this that when the right person does show up, my calm confidence self will be far more attractive than the fear and anxiety one.

It's time to take a step back and let love manifest itself.