Inspired By Love

How I Manifested My Dream Life

My deepest believe is that we're always manifesting; for each thought we have creates a seed within and around our physical beings. Your negative or positive energy attracts its likeness.

A couple of years back, I realized that I had the power to create my ideal life filled with meaning and purpose. I learned that I could set goals and see them manifest into reality. That’s the time my journal entries took a drastic change, I knew that the things I wrote each day will eventually become a reality.


In the months that followed, I wrote exactly what I wanted to create, who I wanted to spend my time with, and where I wanted to be. You see, I have come to understand and appreciate the power of my mind. For example, if you keep thinking to yourself: “I am worthless”, then you're manifesting it into reality. And so you will feel worthless and people will start treating you as such — as well as the experiences you will have – for, they too, will be a validation to/of your thoughts.

The opposite experiences occur when you think high-level thoughts like: “I rock! I’m beautiful and successful.” When you think and feel such thoughts you exude an energy of confidence and in turn attract even greater experiences into your life.

Each thought you have about yourself will manifests into your experiences. Again, your thoughts and energy create your reality.


Those that know me, will tell you that the life I’m living today and the life I was living in 2015 are both on different ends. In 2015 I was struggling, broke, depressed, and lacking motivation. In all honesty, things where hard. But it took a simple change of mind-set to turn things around.

Today, I’m living a life I’ve always wanted to live. My version of a good life that is. I just got back from a 6-month backpacking trip in East Africa, I run a blog that’s growing faster than I imagined, 2 businesses that make waking up and seeing them grow a bliss. I don’t have to be in an office to do my work, actually, I can work from any part of the world. I’m happy, my life is full of excitement, fun, and love. And these are all the things I manifested through my daily journal writing.


Below are questions I answer at the beginning of each year to help me plan my dream life. Fern Olivia Langham, founder of Thyroid.Yoga™, a Los Angeles–based instructor and wellness shared them on one of her articles sometime last year and I’ve used them religiously to curve out my ideal life.

1. I will feel ecstatic at the end of 2017 because my____ are:








2. Five things I have experienced by 2018/end of 2017

3. By 2018, my relationship...

4. By the end of 2017 a typical day in my life looks like...

5. By 2018 I will have visited...

6. My three biggest fears up until now that will not be present in 2017 and beyond:

7. Three things I will manifest:

8. By the beginning of 2018 my business…


Before you answer these questions, bring your awareness back to the fact that you're always manifesting. So that through this you will be one step closer to your dream life.

In the next article, I’ll be sharing my answers to this question and showing you the impact of answering them.