Inspired By Love

#Freedom is being yourself without asking for permission

Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.
— Stephen Covey

For the first time in a very long time, I feel free. For the first time I have the freedom to be myself, especially in a world that's constantly telling us not to. I have the freedom of inner peace and feeling at home, of being able to do what I please with my life without fear. 

Looking back, I realised that the one thing that has gotten in the way of me feeling free, is fear. Fear has kept me feeling small and stuck in self-limiting beliefs that have not benefited me in any way. Like most behaviours we want to change, the first step for me in overcoming my fears was acknowledging them.


Learning to tell myself the truth.

For me the biggest reason it was so difficult to release the constant fears that were holding me back, was that I had not learned to be brutally honest with myself. You have to get real and look deep within to discover how fear has been holding you back. The key is to confront your fears rather than ignore them.

For years I ruminated on fear-based ideas that I wasn’t good enough. Am I pretty/smart/thin/accomplished enough? Will I make enough money this year to stay out of debt? Am I going to be able to have a child of my own? The biggest one was, will I ever be as perfect as Jesus? 

I was constantly striving for something that doesn’t exist — perfection — and it was making me sick. The stress and anxiety this way of living created crippled me at times with meltdowns and panic attacks.


Writing a new story.

The new story I’m currently writing for myself is that I'm good enough and worthy of everything my heart desires and more. I've chosen to see and create a new vision for myself rooted in a place of peace and love. 

We live in uncertain times, and I'm starting to understand why I was fearful. The truth is there's no place completely safe from fear, except within ourselves. I'm more focused on what I can control: which is my thoughts. No one really knows what's best for your life but you, and that's why it's very important that you learn to connect to your own inner wisdom and intuition, and if like me you believe in a greater power, look to the universe for guidance and support.

While I've struggled for years with overcoming fearful thoughts and overcoming limiting beliefs, I’ve discovered that what scared me the most was the fear of not being good enough. Which in turn this same fear has been my greatest opportunity for deep healing and personal growth. When fearful thoughts come up now, I trust that I am on the right path, and out my fears with a deep hearty laugh.


Knowing myself + Loving myself = Trusting myself

I've learned that a healthy self-trust is like having an internal GPS system: you know where to go next, you trust your decisions both big and small, and you're willing to take risks. You won't fear failure or making mistakes because your sense of self isn't externally derived. 

Never forget that you are worthy because you exist. Your self-doubt and perfectionism may be standing in the way of manifesting a life filled with peace and love, but remember your well-being hinges upon self-trust. Self-trust is your birthright, it was yours from the start and still lives inside of you, sitting shimmering like a crystal.

As with all areas of self-growth, the path of healing requires time, patience, and commitment. Change doesn't occur in thirty days or in three simple steps, but following your inner being.