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Love and Romance: Who To Trust With Sensitive Relationship Info


Hi darlings!

Following on to my last video , I’ve been talking to a friend about what she would do if she found herself being abused by her partner, at least in the first three occurrences. I was interested to know if she would confide in friends and family or not, and she said that she would. I, on the other hand, would probably only pray about it and consult a psychologist. I may tell my sister because I trust her to keep a secret. That thought made me a little sad, but at the same time, I feel that some situations are way too sensitive and have such a broad impact, that I need to be responsible about who I discuss them with. This got me thinking about who I can trust to talk to about my relationship, whether I want to share something “good” or “bad”. For most of my dating and relation-shipping life, I have been very open about what’s going on. But as I’ve gotten older I have become much more careful about what I say to who. And of course I’ve learnt this because I have been somewhat burnt in the past, by friends and family members opinions and their recommendations which I sometimes felt were instructions. Through these experiences I have learnt that empathy really is hard to come by for some people and in some situations (myself included), and it’s something I have to accept.

It’s easy to feel bad for someone you care about, to sympathize, or to feel happy for them, but it is incredibly difficult to exercise enough maturity and emotional intelligence to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their very specific point of view. It’s even more in depth than being a psychic because you have to see things like they see them, from their world view and also consider the impact and how they truly feel. I think very few people have the gift of being able to empathise with others, and possess a really deep interest in their friends and family and huge amounts of patience that empathy requires. Often, when discussing relationships, friends and family look at situations from where they are sitting, and express opinions and make remarks or recommendations that can be off-the-mark or worse, offensive and hurtful. That can influence the receiver to act in an incorrect way, or it can damage family and friendship bonds. That is why I think the best thing to do is share sensitive relationship information only with people you trust wholeheartedly to judge things from your perspective and to not be quick to offer their opinions, but rather listen actively, provide comfort and to keep a secret forever and a day.

What are your thoughts?