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Life Decisions in My Thirties: A Baby or an MBA?


Between Gladys and I, I am the most private when it comes to sharing personal life stories and thoughts. This year has taught me to open up a little bit more - I’ve realized I need to in order to survive life! Ladies, if “Mgowisho” was a year, 2019 has been it for me. This year has been busy and has been extreme in so many ways. I feel like I’ve lived 10 years in just one! What makes it worse is that at this age (32) everything feels critical and I’ve had to, and still am trying to, make some very tough decisions like:

  • Should I focus on settling down and starting a family or should I focus on completing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree?

  • What kind of man should I settle and start a family with? Is my “list” still the same as it was a couple of years ago?

  • Should I continue to focus on my business ventures or should I scale down to focus on my MBA?

  • Should I focus on making an impact in corporate or should I rather plan my exit to focus on entrepreneurship within the next three to five years as I had planned previously?

  • Should I cut off certain people who I don’t align with (values, perspectives, focus), or should I go with the flow?

  • Should I spend money on improvements for one of my late parents homes or should I get myself my pre-house-of-my-dreams house?

  • Should I sell my property in Durban or get an estate agent to manage it for me while I’m going through mgowisho?

  • Do I want to be very well-off or just have enough money to not worry about certain things?

I feel like if I don’t have certain things in place within these next two years, I’ll be depressed in my mid-to-late thirties. I suppose I am goal-driven by nature. Fortunately, I was reminded of a reasonable formula to making good decisions by my wise twenty-something-year-old friend, Wandile, which is what I want to share with you. Wandile reminded me that the best way to make critical decisions is to first decide and be clear about:

1.     Who I am

2.     What I stand for

3.     Where I want to go in life

Simple, right? Being clear about Nhlaks will make other critical decisions easier to make. I used to know this very well but having been exposed to different people and ways of living in the past two years and especially this year, my values and views have undergone quite a bit of questioning and have been somewhat up in the air. Now I feel like it’s time to settle down with myself, find alignment between my mind and my spirit and make some bold, grown up life decisions! I feel like I have a new lease on life, and I’m so excited!

What important decisions are you deliberating at this time in your life and how are you approaching them?