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Woman for Women: 30 Day Challenge


HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH! 🥂 It's that time that we reflect on the struggles and challenges we face and celebrate those that we've overcome as women in our country. In our day, the struggle is not for political freedom, but it is certainly for social and economic freedom. As women, we are still bound by social norms that limit our freedom - freedom to be, say and do what is in our best interest. We still assume social and economic roles that restrict us, drain us mentally and physically, and keep us from realizing our true potential and enjoying genuine happiness. Societal biases and stereotypes are still not in our favour, but we forget that we are society. If anyone can change our narrative in society, it is us, women. We can change the world, and we can start by changing ourselves, changing our mindsets and getting rid of stereotypical beliefs. So, I’d like to challenge you, this Women’s Month, to be the change we’d all like to see by being a positive force behind other women. Here’s the challenge - a list of things to not do and to do this month:


  • Don't tell another woman that her dreams are too big to achieve, that she’s being unrealistic

  • Don’t judge other women’s life choices- your religion. relationship, family goals, sexual orientation and lifestyle suits you, not every woman

  • Don't belittle her because she can't afford a lifestyle like yours

  • Don't fight a woman over a man - rather figure out a more peaceful way to resolve the situation

  • Don't be jealous because she's made strides in her career at a young age - she’s probably had to sacrifice things and people you can’t live without

  • Don't undermine her because she's not formally educated - you don’t know her circumstances

  • Don't hate her because she's beautiful or has a stunning body


  • 1 Thing a week to help advance another woman’s dreams like seeking your friends with businesses and buying from them

  • Speak well of other women behind their backs, and if you find yourself wanting to say something negative, bite your tongue

  • Listen and take heed of advice you receive from other women who you trust

  • Be open minded to other people’s views and ways of life - rather try to understand and accept them for who they are

  • Compliment other women on their beauty, style, personality, intellect, wisdom, and anything good you see about them

  • Remember that one woman’s success does not equate to your failure - we all deserve good things

  • Respect other women in whatever role they play - we all have our parts in society and they are all important


As Mapule has taught us, each one of us has had to make sacrifices to be where we are - it hasn't been easy for any of us. So, let us not hate on each other but let us focus on supporting each other, being kind to one another. We'll be better off as a nation, even economically, if as women, we can have each other's best interest at heart. We are more powerful, capable and influential than we often think. Let us realise our strengths and use them for good!

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