Inspired By Love

2019 Mindset: Focus on What I Want

Hi there!

I came across a quote by Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, about change and success, a couple of weeks ago and it showed up on my Twitter timeline this morning. I thought to share this quote and my thoughts about it with you, with the hope to inspire you to live your best life!


I want to make an even more deliberate effort to apply these words in my life than I have before; they make so much sense. Often when we are faced with challenges and we wish things could be different, we focus so much on the challenge at hand, when we should rather be focusing on the outcome we desire. Remember, we get what we give attention to! Whatever it is that we allow to occupy our minds and our days, is what we experience. So if we want to experience something different, we should think about what it is that we want to experience and we’ll start making headway towards that. This is not to say that we should not face challenges head on, but rather accept the challenge and then turn our minds to what we wish we could be experiencing instead and from that vantage point we can find useful solutions to help us realise our desires. Makes sense?

That’s all I wanted to share with you today, I hope it makes a difference in your life!