Inspired By Love

Nothing Lasts Forever, So Live and Let Live!

A couple of days ago I came across this quote that really hit home with me:


These words dropped like a penny in my mind, it was an epiphany. I thought to myself that, then surely, if nothing lasts forever, we should all live feeling free, with less stringent expectations and attachment to things and people. Imagine the joy and peace!

I wracked my brain to find evidence of emotions, beliefs and experiences that proved this not to be true. I remembered a negative feeling I had felt towards someone a few days prior that I thought would change our interaction for the worst, forever, it was gone. I remembered a relationship that I once thought was meant to last forever, yet I could not care whether that person is coming or going. I remembered the agony I felt when I needed my mother the most after her passing, I’m now stronger and more self-sufficient. I remembered a time when I was at my healthiest and fittest, that’s now an inspiring memory. I remembered the stress I felt when I had no money to pay for rent for 6 months as a student, I eventually paid that off at one go. I remembered many times when I’ve felt inadequate and my self-esteem was low, I managed through them all. I remembered one of my favourite overseas holidays, it’s just a beautiful memory now. I remembered the first time I felt betrayed by a boyfriend, I actually laugh at that now. All of it had come and gone, and no longer holds the power that it once did. Instead these things are all now beautiful, interesting and constructive memories. Simply memories, and the same will be of this very moment in time in my life.

Emotions, experiences, dynamics, beliefs, highs and lows, nothing ever stays the same.  Of course, because the only constant is change, but change is often hard to embrace. Why? Because we attach ourselves to things and people, and when those things and people change, it shakes up our world introducing an alien experience, discomfort.  We stress, we break down, we feel like we’ve lost control – but no one can have absolute control over a situation or another person, even if they vowed to love and honour you all the days of their life. Things change. People change. It is not a bad, it is the way of life.


Change can also be described and explained as a law of life; the Law of Rhythm. In essence, the Law of Rhythm says that things are always in motion, nothing is ever still… what goes up, must come down, and go up and come down again and again. “Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God's Universe. Masters know how to rise above negative parts of a cycle by never getting to excited or allowing negative things to penetrate their consciousness.”

If, we consider the Law of Rhythm to be true, then we must accept that things and people, as they are will never stay the same. This can help us manage our expectations of ourselves, others and life experiences. We must not be angered when our experience at work or in relationships is not as pleasant as it once was, because things and people change. We can either adapt to or accept the change, or let go, without animosity, because change is inevitable. Nothing and no-one, in its or their current state, is your end all and be all. Just like you, things and people will change. So, it’s best not to attach yourself too much to anything or anyone, its best to accept that change is going to come, and, depending on how you choose to look at it, it can be the best thing for you! We must also accept that we are not owed anything, everything and everyone is on their own journey. Let us rather “live and let live”!

xo - Nhlaks