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Feel Like You're Behind on Your Dreams? Do These 4 Things


Hi friend!

Last week I posted a video on our YouTube channel titled "Are You Fit for the Life of Your Dreams" - you can watch it below. Then, as life would have it, I had an experience that reminded about some dreams that I have not yet achieved and often feel like I have no control over. I felt like a failure. Not the best feeling, right? The experience made me realise that I am not yet fit for that particular aspect of the life of my dreams, and I decided I need to face it and work on it. So I thought I'd share what I have learnt and what I am still processing that is helping me address this feeling of failure:

1. Realise That You Have Not Failed, But You Are Rather Delayed

The word fail is so conclusive, like there's no turning back. Well, maybe if you're on your dying bed and suddenly remember that you did not reach your goal weight, or did not have a family of your own, that is sadly conclusive. But, if you're reading this, I hope you still have a lot of life left in you, which means all is not lost. You still have time to make it happen, there is still hope, you can keep trying and trying your absolute best! That's what life is about right? It's a refining experience, because there is always something we want to experience, achieve or change. Otherwise we may as well be dead. So, I will replace the word fail with delay since we're all still breathing!

2. Face Your Delay

The easiest thing to do when feeling like you are delayed is to make excuses or ignore the situation, that's fine, if it's just for the time-being. You cannot excuse or ignore your delay forever, it won't let you - something will always creep up to remind you of it. The better thing to do is to face it, head on. Why? Because then you can assess and diagnose it. You can figure out what the issue is and take action. Taking action can mean doing things that will bring you steps closer to realising your dream, or maybe deciding to actually dismiss that dream because it's not  all that important to you.

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3. Accept Your Mistakes and Learn from Them

When you face a delay, also try figure out how you've contributed to them. Many of us want to blame others, or circumstances for our delay because it's hard to accept that we have played a pivotal role - it's hard to accept that it is also our fault. We need to accept that we have made mistakes or we have been focused on other things that were possibly higher priorities. Either way, there are always great lessons to learn about yourself, about the situation, and about others if you face your delay. Take note of the lessons, they will help you realise what you need to do in order to turn things around.

4. Take Action and Keep Learning

When you've accepted your mistakes and learned the lessons from your delay, come up with a plan of action, but still allow room for further mistakes which you can learn from. You can literally write it down in your journal, which is what I prefer to do, and review it as you go along. You can also ask your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, a family member or a friend to share their thoughts and ideas and help you stay on track. It always helps if you have a support system to cheer you on, guide you and provide feedback. 

Remember, life is a journey and an experience - there will be ups and downs, there will be beautiful valleys and mountains to climb. Some things you'll get right at first try, but others might take you a while to figure out. The key is to keep going, and keep trying your best. Hold yourself accountable for how things turn out, but don't beat yourself up to the point that you cannot get back on the road to fulfilling your dreams.

All the best with creating the life of your dreams!