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Seeking Clarity and Re-Alignment Part 1: Time Off


Three weeks ago I published a video on our YouTube channel about how I’ve been seeking clarity and re-alignment. I mentioned that I’ve been using four tactics to do so – time off, vision boards, church and psychics. Didn’t watch the video? I suggest you take a look, so you can get the context as to why I’ve been seeking clarity and re-alignment 😊:

After watching the video, a friend asked that I expand on the four topics. I think she’s particularly interested in my experience with psychics haha! That’s going to be part 4, so she’s going to have to wait a couple of weeks. To start off, I’ll expand on Time Off.

“You can create a solution in a shorter period if you are rested and rejuvenated."
Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach

I Hit a Mental Low

Last year I was incredibly busy and seemed to have the vigour and energy to cope with work, my two businesses, my other blog, social life, travel, family and I kept adding more onto my plate. This lifestyle wasn’t sustainable, and gradually, near the end of the year, I started losing grip of my schedule and things started slipping through my fingers. I had too many commitments that I delivered late on, yet when I evaluated what the issue was, I found I was spending quite some free time doing nothing. Yes, nothing. I felt terrible for “wasting time”, but also so not inspired to do anything. Feeling bad for not being busy is a trap which many driven people, especially entrepreneurs, fall into. I thought I was depressed, and in a sense I was because I was low on mental stimulation, and the little stimulation I had I used in my corporate job, where my bread is buttered. So I decided to allow myself to take it easy and take time off and I have no regrets!

The Secret to Productivity is Rest

“The brain is like a muscle. You can strengthen it or deplete it, if you let this muscle recharge and replenish, you'll feel better mentally and see improvements in your performance."
Allison Gabriel, Virginia Commonwealth University

As it turns out, I needed to rest my brain. I didn’t have a mental breakdown, but who knows where I was headed. I’m just glad that I listened to my body while it was early enough. The brain is small but it uses up 20% of the body’s calories to stay active. That’s a lot of energy used which needs to be replenished. We need to be as cautious with overexerting our brains as we are with our hearts.

If you want to perform and live at your peak, you need to rest. I’ve learnt that.


How Did I Take Time Off?

Well, it seems I just got lazy. I worked less, stressed less and spent more time resting. I spent more time engaging in simpler and pleasant activities and conversations. Going out to eat with friends, spending more time outdoors in natural surroundings and exercising. In essence I took a couple of steps back from my usual rat race life and just chilled.

I Had Time to Regroup

Of course during this phase, which was about two months, I had a lot of time for self-introspection. I had time to asses my life and the direction it was taking, I had time to ‘regroup’ with myself. That was useful because it helped me to re-focus and re-align with my inner being and think of ways to better execute on my dreams. It’s true, rest makes you more productive. I’ve seen it with myself.

If you feel uninspired and fatigued, listen to your body, take time off. You’ll see, you’ll perform even better once you’ve recuperated.