Inspired By Love

2018: Will You Reach What You've Set Your Sights On?


How fast is this year going?! It's already February, it feels like it was just yesterday when we were counting down to the new year! Soon it will be the end of the year again. I wonder how many people will actually be proud of the progress they've made in their lives by the time we reach December 2018. Do you think that you'll be one of them? Do you think that you'll reach what you've set your sights on? 


Every Day Counts

Maybe you think it's too early to even make a judgement, but look, we're in February already! How far have you come in these two months? Even though I don't set New Year's resolutions, I do have outcomes that I want to achieve within this year, and even though it's not great to admit, I'm already missing the mark with some. Why? Because I haven't even started. Because I've been thinking that I'll start tomorrow, and tomorrow still hasn't come. (Okay, I promise I will start tomorrow, for real this time.)

What you choose to spend your time on each and every day has a significant impact on how far you get in realising your desires, and it is a good way to gauge whether you'll reach what you've set your sights on or not. So, if want to know whether you're on track to reaching your goals or not - look at the choices you make and how you spend your time each day.


Remember Why

If you've realised that you're probably also off track with achieving or manifesting some of your goals or desires and feel a bit disappointed in yourself, think back to why you wanted to achieve it in the first place - it's a quick way to get yourself motivated to take action, even if it's a small step. 

β€œHe who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Considering why you want to achieve something reveals the purpose behind it. Having a purpose, and more so, a meaningful purpose, is such a powerful motivator. It will drive you to seek ways to overcome stumbling blocks and find solutions to propel you forward. Every dream, every aspiration, every goal has a purpose, and in essence the purpose is to feel good. Whatever it is that you want, you want it because you will feel good in the having or achieving of it. So think back to the purpose, the why, and let the good feelings that overcome you be your inspiration to take action.

I also urge you to use your imagination -  think forward to the end of the year and imagine that you've achieved or realised everything that you set out to. How good will that feel?! So, don't lose sight of your true desires, keep your eyes on them, stay focused with a positive attitude, and watch how easy the "work" becomes!