Inspired By Love

Vision Board Party: The Power of Visualisation


A couple of months ago, I was having a chat with a friend of mine about how we admire a lady by the name Mpume Langa and the success she's made of her life. Mpume is a wife, mother of two and an accomplished business executive with over 17 years experience in the financial services industry, and the first African woman to be a Head of Private Banking in ABSA. She is also the previous Chairperson of the popular Business Woman's Association KZN. 


Fortunately, I'm very close with Mpume, she's basically my "adopted" aunt, my mentor, and my friend.  I've lived with her and she's been a part of my life from a young age. So, I know her pretty well, and I know some of her life hacks which have propelled her success - a key one being visualisation

The Vision Board Party


As Noxolo and I conversed, the idea came to host a workshop with Mpume so we, and a couple of our friends, can learn from her. Mpume has created vision boards for the longest time, and she's always encouraged me to do the same. So, that's how we got to hosting a Vision Board Party, and it was mind blowing!

Mpume shared a couple of testimonies about visualisation to illustrate what a powerful creator the mind is. Let me try re-tell one:

When Mpume was ten years old, she was chilling under a tree with some of her friends in a rural town when one boy asked her what she thinks is the best age to get married. She answered, "mmmhh... 26 or 27". Around the same age she also discovered and fell in love with Italy, so she would day dream about travelling to Italy one day and would look at pictures in history books and borrow Italian cassettes from the library so she could teach herself Italian. Years later, on her 27th birthday, this Zulu girl from the poverty-stricken streets of South Africa got married in an Italian castle which is only fit for royalty, literally. This story gave me goose bumps.

Let me share one more... When she was young, Mpume was walking in town with an uncle or grandfather and she saw a kid walking out of a bank with a money box that resembled a gold bar. She wanted one, so she went to the bank and asked for one. The money box had a Barclays logo on it, she admired it and for some reason was really attracted to it and thought to herself, "one day I'm going to work for this company". Years later, after graduating with a tertiary qualification in municipal administration, she didn't find a job in the municipality, but did get one at ABSA Bank which would be bought by Barclays in 2005.

What Are You Creating With Your Mind?


Mpume is a big dreamer. For a young Black girl to be day-dreaming about one day travelling to Italy during the time of apartheid is pretty out-the-box. But she did, without doubt or hesitation, and it happened.

When you have a vision for your life, and you see it with your mind and feel it with your heart and soul, you create it. Most things that are in this world started off as a thought; a creation in the mind, unseen with the physical eye.

So, what are you creating with your mind? You'll  know, by the thoughts that occupy your mind. Why not make them gooood!