Inspired By Love

How I've Used What I Have To Get What I Want

I just got a text from a friend introducing me to a lady she is following on Instagram. In her text, she said, “Friend, this lady is one of the most inspirational people I follow and is truly living the dream. She kinds of remind me of you”

Most days I feel like I'm living a life I've always dreamed of for years: running my own business, having an amazing business partner, doing what I love, having the freedom to do pretty much anything I want. It’s liberating, yet it's not always rainbows and unicorns. There are months I go with no income or security, then some months things turn out for the best and I'm jet-setting across the world. But with all the ups and downs I'm 100% grateful to live a life most only dream of.

How did I achieve this? Well, firstly I am always listening to my intuition. That pretty much sums it up. I just follow my heart and do what feels about right at that particular time. Sounds too easy? Well, in fact, it can be that easy.

Here are 10 things I do daily to get what I want in life: 

1. Follow your heart

As I said above, I've managed to live a more satisfying life by letting my heart guide me. 

Your heart is tender, kind and guided by meaningful choices. It's much more likely to do the right thing, rather than making a self-serving ego-dominant decision. So, make a more conscious decision to follow it regularly.

2. Tune into the Soul.

Fear doesn't reside in the soul, but only inspiration and clarity. The soul gives you your desires. They are your unique signature and essence, those things you so yearn for deep down the heart to do. Follow it, and stay true to yourself.

Whenever I find that I'm struggling to hear its call, I start to practice mindfulness or daily mediation.

I've learned to surrender to the simplicity and flow of my soul.

3. See the big picture.

Don't get stuck on the small things. Focus on what's really important and how you can get what you want out of life.

Create systems that work for you and managing your life effectively by organizing your dreams and aspirations into small reachable goals. Then just let your inner-self guide you toward achieving those goals bit by bit. 

4. Develop emotional self-mastery.

Emotions are the most powerful energy we have. I've observed how successful people turn to develop methods to harness their emotions. You can also do likewise by developing a passion for who you are and what you are here on earth to contribute. Learn to connect emotionally with what you want to achieve, those things that you deeply resonant with. 

"Those who live passionately Teach us how to love. Those who love passionately Teach us how to live."  - Yogananda

5. Align with your truth.

Over the past couple of months, I've learned to stay in tune with who I am by aligning myself with my thoughts, feelings and actions. It has become one of my top priority that I stay fully present to who I am and what I want to achieve.

It's okay to see yourself as one with your goals, and as if the goal has already been achieved. Create the emotion of achievement, and use it to inspire you to move forward.

Also, be aware of the environmental influences around you. We all impact each other in obvious and subtle ways. Negative people can weigh you down and affect your desired results. So, go out there and surround yourself with people who can help you reach your full potential.

6. Follow your intuition.

The more you use your intuition, the more you build trust in your intuitive insight, and the more you're able to follow your intuition. Successful people make quick decisions. And how do they do this? By following their intuition.

7. Keep your head clear.

For me, affirmations and visualization have supported and inspired me along this journey. You have control over your thoughts, so learn to use them effectively.

I've also started to implement the practice of allowing myself to get plenty of sleep to align my mind and clear away clutter. Or to still my mind through cleansing meditation and quiet time.

So, learn to nurture a restful and clear mind through caring for your mind like you would a beautiful garden.

8. Believe in yourself.

You are something of real value and you have something unique that only you can offer the world. Believe in that and have the faith that you will be supported as you navigate this world. Know that the whole universe is conspiring for your greater good, so there is a good reason why you are here. Now if you're struggling to find your purpose, I would say keep looking, it may be hidden within your deepest desires. 

9. Act!

The only true failure comes in not attempting. There is no actual failure in doing, but also teach yourself to learn from so-called failures, as usual, they contain the greatest lessons.

Momentum comes through actions, so do something that moves you forwards. Even a small act is significant. Actions also contain the symbolic power to dissolve fears and build self-confidence and belief. The only thing for me, that's more daunting than taking action is taking no action. I believe the bigger the actions, the greater the results.

10. Keep the faith.

The final step is to let go of the outcome and have faith. Sometimes all we need is a little faith.

At times a prayer may be the only thing missing, especially after you've defined your goals and taken deliberate actions accordingly. Have faith that your prayers are answered, not will be answered (even if the answer is 'not right now' or 'not this way'). Have faith that your life does have a purpose and that God or whoever you choose to call him will direct you towards that purpose.

Patience means once, in a while, you just need to 'let go and let God'.