Inspired By Love

Change Your Mood with Just One Question

I've been having one of "those" months. You know those months when you don't know whether you're coming or you're going, and you're feel like you're just making it through each day? Yes. One of those months. Life, especially my work life, has been unbelievably busy, I haven't had a month like this in years! Don't get me wrong, I love being busy, especially if it's mentally stimulating and there's a great learning curve. But, not having a grip on my work/life balance can send me into a negative space, which might not be noticeable to many, but I will know it, feel it, breathe it and live it. It's not pretty.  


Fortunately, on Sunday I managed to squeeze in a ten minute (literally) catch up with a friend who is constantly on a positive high, and I'm usually floating right there with her. We often spend hours talking about how to think more positively, and share tips and tricks on how to be the best version of ourselves, but this Sunday all I did was relate how busy I am and how I haven't even been getting at least a full four hours of sleep on most nights. I raved about how I don't have a life and how it's so difficult working with some people, and and and. I just went on and on about all the reasons why life is rough, and that is not me. I hate complaining, I hate being negative, but I just could not stop. While I was deep in my rant, sucked into it, consumed by it... I heard six simple words in the background like an echo: "What if you didn't have it?" "Huh?" I thought. It was a snap-back, and it slapped me back into positivity. I remembered that I want this, I want this job, I want these businesses, I want this busyness and productivity. I want to learn, grow and fill the measure of my potential. I asked for this, I called it, and now I have it. I wouldn't want it any other way.


If you ever find yourself complaining, about anything, ask yourself: "What if I didn't have it?". This will either snap you back into an attitude of gratitude, or show you what it is that you really want. It works out both ways.