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Deliberate Creation: Living My Best Life and Gaining Two Dress Sizes

Hi friend!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend, mine was incredible. I went down to Durban and got to spend time with friends and family that I hadn't seen in ages, even though the circumstances weren't ideal as it was at a funeral. I also had a fun photo shoot for my other business, Home Artist. All in all it was a wonderful weekend in Durban, but it was preceded by the biggest wake up call.


Before leaving Johannesburg, I had to go shopping for a pair of jeans for the Home Artist photo shoot.  Excited to shop, I went to Woolworths and grabbed a couple of jeans and happily went to the fitting rooms to try on my prospect purchases. I slid one leg into the first pair, and it wouldn't go past my knee. I thought it must be the cut, so I tried another pair... same thing. So with disappointment in my heart, I had to go fetch jeans one size bigger than my normal size, but I had to squeeze the life out of my thighs to get them on, but I absolutely could not force them to button up. Horror of Horrors! I had to get jeans two sizes bigger than the last pair I bought. I have never gained this much weight before. I was shook

As much as it's shocking to find myself at this point, I know how I got here. I've been deliberately living my best life for the past couple of months, which means I've been busy with a job and businesses that I love, doing lots of photo shoots, vlogging and travelling. All of this takes a lot of planning, and so far I've managed to tick off everything I've planned to do. But, in all this busyness I completely lost track of my eating habits and failed to be deliberate about my physical health and appearance.

Where am I going with this? I just want to stress how important it is to have desired outcomes and plans for the different areas of your life. Most importantly the interest, drive and discipline to follow through with those plans. Oftentimes, we think that life just "happen" to us, not realising that it is actually our own deliberate creation, and sometimes that is due to a lack of planning. I have been deliberate about my career, businesses, vlogs and blogs, but not about my body.








































It sucks to know that I've deliberately created these extra rolls, bumps and lumps on my body. However, it's also empowering because I have, with immediate effect, decided to start creating a healthier, trimmer body and I've come up with a plan to get me there. It might seem like I'm setting myself up by saying this publicly, but I have no fear because my mind is made up and ready, that's 99% of the job done, if not 100%. I finally got to my breaking point about my weight gain, and as much as it was a tragic realisation, it is also such a great propeller for improvement. I'm excited about getting back into my preferred shape, size, fitness and health levels!

I hope that you don't leave any area of your life that matters to you to chance, but that you deliberately create outcomes that will make you HAPPY!