Inspired By Love

3 Unique Sources of Motivation and Inspiration To Get You Through Anything


It's that time of the year when my brain starts slowing down and all I look forward to is spending time with my family at my grandmother's house. I'm craving that township vibe; watching children playing on the streets, catching up with neighbours who have known me since birth, the sound of radio systems blasting from three different houses in one block, and eating vetkoeks and snacks bought from the tuck shop across the road as I watch the sun go down. Oh man, I absolutely cannot wait! 

That life is the polar opposite of the sophisticated lifestyle I live in the big city of Johannesburg (JHB); yet both make perfect sense to me and make me happy. But, I must admit, it's getting harder and harder to enjoy big city life as the year slows down to an end. Getting up way before the crack of dawn to work before I get to work (yes!) is a feat I am fast starting to lose! The motivation to work is on a decline, but I absolutely cannot afford to let that happen, because I have KPIs and projects which need me to perform at optimal level right until the end. I need all the motivation and inspiration that I can get. So what have I been doing to stay motivated and inspired at this challenging time?

1. Finding alignment with my inner being

I make a concerted effort to not step out of the door unless I feel at peace and emotionally and spiritually stable. I can only deliver decent work if my mind and my soul are at ease. To get to that state I need at least ten minutes of quiet time to look through my meeting schedule, look at my to-do list and structure my day in a way that will set me up for success. Then I spend time zoning in on how I feel. If I have negative emotions, I try to figure out what is making me feel that way and how I can change it so that I feel positive. At the end of the day, I may work most of the time, but I cannot allow wok to make me miserable, it is not worth it. So, as much as I do not have a lot of time, I would much rather plan to work a bit later in the evening, then start my day of wonky and not feeling good and at peace.


2. Listening to or watch inspirational talks and interviews

Lately I've been obsessed with Phuti Mahanyele, the ex-CEO of Shanduka group. She is a black, South African, female who has carved an impressive career for herself. I'm also obsessed with my aunt, Mpume Langa, an executive in the banking industry. They're determination, hard work ethic and acknowledgement that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience inspires me. They are, in many ways, my goal posts, or as we say nowadays, they are #Goals. So, as I get ready for work or as a I drive to work, I watch and listen to interviews and talks that they've given via YouTube. They remind me of what is possible and what I am capable of. 

3. Talking to my friends

Lately, I've been talking to a friend of mine who also has challenging deliverables at work, right up until before Christmas. We are in the same boat. If any of us need a break from our computers and meetings, or are facing a challenge that we just need to talk to someone about, we call each other. We've been calling each other every day, during the day for the past couple of weeks. It helps to speak to a person who has your best interest at heart, and will also be brutally honest with you. Often when we're having challenges at work, we'll say to each other "sawufuna, sawuthola", which is an isiZulu saying that means "we wanted it, and we got it". This is to remind us that we opted into the careers and positions that we are in, no one forced us into them. We raised our hands, and said "yes, I will do that job", so we have to keep doing it. That never fails to get me motivated to continue on this journey, to learn the most that I can and to reach my goals.


As much as these three sources of motivation and inspiration are helping me get through work, I often use them to get through any other challenge. Finding peace and alignment, consuming inspirational content and talking to someone who cares can get me through anything, with a smile in my heart! They can do the same for you.

We also want to hear from you! What is helping you get up and go to your place of work and do the best job that you can at this time of the year?